Holiday Letter 2006

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Happy Holidays and Greetings from Jacksonville! Another incredible year has flown by, so once again we felt our annual Patrick Family Christmas letter would be another great opportunity to catch everyone up on all of our excitement! After our action packed year in 2005 (getting married, opening our company, moving to a new city, etc.), 2006 was spent settling into a completely new world…Newlywed Life!!!

Our company, First Coast Trust, has made GIANT steps this year towards our original vision of impacting as many people as possible. A task that would have been virtually unachievable with out the amazing staff we are so blessed to have at First Coast Trust. As well as, thanks to a little book called E-Myth by Michael Gerber and the tremendous impact it’s made in our life, we are on a roll and currently positioned to open 50 branches throughout the country by 2012. In case any of you are still confused (clearly we need to give you more details from our past two years!) about the wonderful world of starting a company, for crying out loud, speak with us first! Absolutely no need to relearn some/many of the lessons we have already learned (I’d love to say that many of those lessons were the easy way!). Even though much of our passion has been devoted to First Coast Trust, we were extremely fortunate to turn several of our 2006 business trips into wonderful little holiday escapes.

In fact, we just returned from Las Vegas for an annual business conference, and of course, Kevin’s 31st Birthday. Although a week is a bit much in Vegas, we were able to fit in two amazing Cirque de Soleil shows, many wonderful meals, and best of all some wonderful alone time (hey, “what happens in Vegas…”!!!). However, you should all be aware that Becky learned how to play Black Jack and took The Palms by a storm. Don’t be surprised if her new motto, “PAY THE TABLE!” is heard in a casino near you.

For Becky’s Birthday we spent a wonderful week in Maine. There aren’t enough words to describe the beauty and tranquility in Maine in early September. We visited Bar Harbor and stayed at a quaint, extremely unique Inn. Also, in Bar Harbor we visited Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park, took many thought provoking hikes where we spent time sitting on various rocks taking in the coastal views. While exploring the rest of Maine we were able to see the Bush’s Estate in Kennebunkport, and finished up in Portland. Our trip to Maine was full of lots of wonderful R & R, as well as, some rather enjoyable meals too. (Please, no one offer any more lobster for awhile, but Kevin will take you up on some blueberry soft serve if you offer. Even if you don’t offer, I’m sure he will tell you about it…he’s a fan!!!)

We also had a wonderful time in Oregon where we attended the neatest wedding of our good friends, Jamie & Chrissy Kelso, who were married on the beach in Cannon Beach in early August. For those of you who have never visited Oregon, it’s an incredibly beautiful state, and a must do. We also had a good time in Dallas for the wedding of our cousin, Amy Vinbladh. As well as, the wedding of our very good friends Jake & Jen Wojcik over in St. Pete., which was incredibly gorgeous and so much fun!

Also Speaking of weddings, we are extremely elated about Dad (Howard Patrick) getting married on January 1st to his finance Teri Susi. We’re very excited about welcoming Terry to the family and wish them many years of love and laughter.

All of our pregnant friends, who we mentioned last year in our Christmas letter, are now enjoying some of the cutest and most enjoyable children. Our cousins, Ted & Catherine McMullan, who were pregnant with twins last year at this time are now pregnant again. (Geez, take a break!) Hopefully that will be in the cards for us as well very soon (I’m still working on KP!?).

Our niece, Christine Harpe, came over to Jacksonville with her Mimi for the most enjoyable overnight trip to celebrate her 5th Birthday! After a fun dinner at home, and a slumber party, the girls (Beck, Christine, and Barbara) started off the following day by making M&M Pancakes (sorry Dana, but she insisted and it was her birthday trip!), and then headed off to the Jacksonville Zoo, and finally to Build-A-Bear to create Doodle The Poodle. It was a wonderful visit, and we look forward to many more visits from all of our friends and love ones at our new home once our renovation is finally complete. For those of you who don’t know, we bought a new house in June. The address is: 931 Rio Lindo Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207, if you haven’t updated your address book yet.

We hope this note finds you all well & healthy and we wish both you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!

Our Love,

Kevin & Becky Patrick

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